Part Number Description
PDFMCS-RS232-EXTENDER Extension cable for the RS-232 port. 9-pin male to 9-pin female.
PDFMCS-RS485-EXTENDER Extension cable for the RS-485 port on the Magnum.
PDFMCS-ACTUATOR The MCS-ACTUATOR is used in conjunction with MCS controls as a replacement for certain model stepper motor actuators.
PDFMCS-EPOXY Steel reinforced epoxy putty stick
PDFMCS-CARRIER-5K-ADAPTER MCS-CARRIER-5K-ADAPTER allows the MAGNUM to monitor the temperature of the motors for proper operation.
PDFMCS-RTHD-OIL-SENSOR-KIT MCS-RTHD-OIL-SENSOR-KIT is used in the refrigeration systems in compressors to maintain a desired level.
25-011 6.3A 250V 5x20mm fast-acting glass tube fuse (MCS-Magnum, RO10)
25-018 500mA 250V TRS subminiature fuse (MCS-Magnum, RO10, SI16-AO4, Modbus)
25-019 2A 250V TR5 Subminiature Fuse
25-024 5amp mini auto fuse
32-004 65176 (RS-485) chip
32-006 RS-232 chip
33-000 Blank 27C512 64K EPROM
33-002 Blank 2864 8K EEPROM
40-022 Mini Berg Jumper (2 position jumper).
41-036-3 MAGNUM 3 position vertical terminal header (top part wih screw terminals for relay output and power input connector bases).
41-038-2 2 position 5.00mm vertical plug
41-038-3 Tyco 3 position 5mm terminal header (top part with screw terminals for sensor input, analog output, etc. bases).
41-038-4 4 position 5.00mm vertical plug
41-038-6 6 position 5.00mm vertical plug
41-040-6 6 position 5.00mm right angle vertical plug
MCS-MANUAL Although printed manuals may be ordered from MCS for a fee, a selection of manuals may be downloaded free of charge from our Literature page.
MCS-SNUBBER External snubber suppression network
RS-485 PROTECT Surge protector for RS-485 communication lines