Below is a list of available Application Notes that you can view or download.

App Note Number Product Description
156 MCS-Touch Capacitive MCS-Touch capacitive screen image load procedure
155 Vane Position Sensor Calibration Vane Position Sensor Calibration Procedure
154 RC2 Oil Pin Hanbell RC2 Series Oil Pin
152 Rhymebus Startup Rhymebus Install and Startup
151 RS485 RS485 Wiring and Termination Jumpers
150 Touchscreen Linux Disabling Power Saving Mode MCS-TOUCH
149 MCS-I/O Transmitting A New Config File To Modbus I/O
148 Voltage Reading Low Amps with Current Sensor
147 Voltage MCS Generator Brown Out
146 BMS Siemens BMS-BACnet Communication to MCS BACnet MSTP Router
145 Liquiflo Rockwell Liquiflo 2 Variable Frequency Drive
144 Liquiflo Carrier 19XRV Rockwell Liquiflo 1 RetroFit
143 VFD YASKAWA VFD A1000 Variable Speed Drive
142 Sensors Converting Trane Carbon Probe Sensor
141 CoolBLUE CoolBLUE and NaLA Installation Guide
140 MCS-I/O Setting Address for Expansion Boards
139 Sensors Combining T100 Low Temp and T100 Temp Sensors Into 1 Input
137 Touchscreen Setting Time and Date on Touchscreens
136 Touchscreen Calibrating the Touchscreens
135 Touchscreen Installing Graphics on Touchscreens
134 Magnum Test MCS-MAGNUM Ethernet Connectivity
133 Compressor Screw Compressor Stepless Pulsed Slide Control
132 Actuator Actuator Feedback Calibration
131 Graphics Using WinSCP with the MCS-Graphics-Builder
130 Touchscreen Linux Changing the IP Network setting on MCS-TOUCH
129 Touchscreen Linux Changing Linux IP Address and Autostart File
128 MCS-8 Replacing the MCS-8 Keypad
127 Touchscreen Linux Changing Autostart File
126 MCS-Connect Setting the Graphics Lock Feature for MCS-Connect on MCS-TOUCH
125 Magnum Changing IP Address on Magnum
124 BMS How to Create and Load CSV Files
123 MCS-Connect Saving Extended History Files
122 MCS-Connect Viewing MCS-Connect History Files Offline
121A MicroMag Installing MicroMag Reversible Cover Version 6.2
121 MicroMag Installing MicroMag Reversible Cover Version 6.1
120 Pressure Transducers Wiring MCS-050-DIFFB
119 MCS-Connect Uninstalling MCS-Connect
118 MCS-Connect MCS-Connect Alarm Alert Setup
117 Magnum Wiring the Magnum Keypad-LCD
115 Miscellaneous UPGRADING RS485 CABLE
114 Touchscreen Linux Removing Screen Saver from MCS-TOUCH
108 Touchscreen Linux MCS-TOUCH Operating System Update
107 Compressor McQuay Screw (W/STEP SLIDE) with MCS Controls
105 MCS-CT MCS-CT Field Modification to fixed connector
103 Touchscreen Windows MCS-TOUCH-PC Windows 7 Security Warning Popup Fix
Download Microsoft Windows 7 Fix File
102 Compressor Hanbell Torque Specifications
101 Touchscreen Windows MCS-TOUCH-PC Daylight Savings Time Error
100 Touchscreen Windows How to fix Java Error on the MCS-TOUCH-PC
99 Sensors How To Convert a 0-5Vdc Sensor Input To 0-10Vdc
98 Analog Outputs How to Convert an Analog Output to a 4-20mA Output
97 Miscellaneous INT69 HBY Diagnose Wiring and Flash Code Description
95B MCS-Connect How to Transmit a Configuration File Using MCS-Connect
95A MCS-Connect How to Receive a Configuration File Using MCS-Connect
94 MCS-I/O MCS-MODBUS-IO TurboCor Setup
93 Touchscreen Windows MCS-TOUCH-PC Errors 7 and 16 Auto Diskcleanup Procedure
Download Microsoft Windows 7 Fix File
92 MCS-Cradlepoint MCS-Cradlepoint Installation
91 Touchscreen Windows MCS-Connect Extended History Saving on an MCS-Touch-PC
90 Magnum MCS-Magnum Unsafe and Low Suction
89 Magnum MCS-Magnum Firmware Compatibility
88 Touchscreen Windows MCS-TOUCH-PC15 DISASSEMBLY
87 Magnum ATPE500 Temperature Sensor Input to MAGNUM
86 Compressor McQuay Liquid Level Sensor Removal for Hanbell Replacement
85 BMS Programming a MCS-BMS-Gateway
84 Miscellaneous MCQUAY - Guardistor RAM Thermister Wiring
83 Miscellaneous Carrier 19DG Actuator Wiring to MCS-MAGNUM
82 Magnum How to set up the Magnum to read High Voltage Current Transformers
81 Miscellaneous McQuay Chiller Oil Level Sensor Wiring
80 Compressor How to Replace a HANBELL Screw Compressor Slide Piston
79 MCS-Connect Connecting MCS-Connect Via Ethernet
78 Miscellaneous Carrier 19XLXR Actuator Wiring to MCS-MAGNUM REV C
77 Compressor Compressor Replacement Procedure
76 Compressor Hanbell RC2 Series Stepless to Step Conversion
75 MCS-Connect How to Connect to MCS-Connect through a Null Modem Serial Cable
74 MCS-Connect How to Transmit Firmware Using MCS-Connect
73 General MCS Boards Legend
72 Compressor Hanbell RC2 Series Setup to support a Variable Frequency Drive
71 Miscellaneous ICM450 Phaseloss Monitor Installation
70 Touchscreen Windows MCS-TOUCH-PC Lock and Unlock Procedure
69 Touchscreen Windows Editing the mystartup-bat file
68 Compressor Hanbell Screw (with Step Slide) Applied to Micro Tech II Controller
67 Magnum Upgrading MCS-MAGNUM Rev 6.x to 7.1 and Magnum Keypad-Display Rev 4.x to 7.0
66 Sensors 4-20mA Sensor Connection to MCS-Magnum
65 MCS-Connect Slide Amp Calculation Adjustments through MCS-Connect
65A MCS-Connect Slide Amp Calculation Adjustments through MCS-Connect for 1 to 1 Ratio
64 Magnum Magnum Rev 7.xx Hardware with Magnum Keypad - Display Rev 7.xx
63 Magnum Magnum Controller with Sporlan EXV Control
62 Lontalk Creating a Lontalk CFG file from a V8 MCS-Config CFG file and Downloading it
61 Compressor Hanbell Jumper Bar Installation
60 Lontalk Downloading a CFG file into a MCS-LONTALK-OEM
59A Miscellaneous SUCTION SIDE Installing a MCS-T100 Temperature Sensor
57 Magnum Setting Up an Internet Connection for the MCS-MAGNUM
56 MCS-RO MCS-RO8 to MCS-RO10 Migration
55 Magnum Mounting the latest MCS-Keypad
54 MCS-RO Replacing a MCS-RO8 board with an MCS-RO10
53 Miscellaneous MCS-Bleed Installation
52 Miscellaneous Carrier 5K Temperature Sensors
51 Compressor Hanbell Screw (with Step Slide) Applied to McQuay Micro Tech II Controllers
50 Compressor Hanbell Oil Level Switch Installation RC12~RC18, RC2-170, RC2-200~580, RC2-620
48 MCS-Connect Connecting with MCS-Connect to a MCS-MAGNUM over Ethernet
47 Miscellaneous MCS-IB-CAP Installation
46 Magnum MCS-T300, MCS-T300HT, and MCS-T300LT Temperature Sensor Input to MCS-MAGNUM
45 Compressor Hanbell Step Capacity Loading
44 Magnum Hanbell PT1000 Temperature Sensor Input to MAGNUM
43 Miscellaneous 230vac Control Power and Snubber Networks
42 MCS-8 2007 Daylight Saving Time Change And the MCS-8
41 Compressor Hanbell Procedure to Change SV Stepless to Step with Mounting Type Normally Open SV
40 Compressor Hanbell Oil Float Dampers Shield Notes
39 Miscellaneous Heat Pump V9 Software Notes
38 MCS-8 Improving Noise Immunity in MCS-8 Optrex LCD Displays
37 Miscellaneous Using a Lantronix UDS-10 to Allow PC-Connect to Communicate Over a LAN
36 General Understanding PPTC Devices And Their Use In Protecting MCS Products
35 General Modifying Selected MCS Products For Use With Another Operating Voltage
34 Miscellaneous Software ACDRB Refrigeration Control New Defrost Feature
33 Miscellaneous MCS-6 HCU Digital Wireless Modem Support
32 MCS-8 Troubleshooting Loss of Vaa On MCS-8 & MCS-I/O Boards
31 Miscellaneous Demo Reciprocating/Screw Panel Panel Swap Instruction Sheet
30 Miscellaneous Napps Eng Transducer Options
29 MCS-8 MCS-8 & MCS-I/O Modifications to make Rev 1.565
28 Miscellaneous A/D SCR Latch Up
27 Miscellaneous Snubber Capacitor Testing
26 General MCS-I/O Network Setup
25 Miscellaneous Removal of the 1N5817 Diodes
24 Compressor Hartford Screw Compressor
23 MCS-8 EEPROM Write Enable Jumper
22 MCS-8 Installation of LCD Insulator
21 Miscellaneous PC CONN print to a file
20 Miscellaneous Dunham-Bush 2 Pump Control ACDRB 07.30-A EXV 07.30-A
19 MCS-8 MCS-8 Keypad Functions
18 MCS-8 FHP's MCS-8 Target Reset
17 MCS-8 Chilled Water Reset CHLR05.00-c & -u Screw Control
16 MCS-8 Hot Gas Bypass (HGB) CHLS05.00-c & -u Screw Control
15 Miscellaneous Variable Speed Condenser Fan Logic
14 MCS-8 MCS-8 Chiller Software Version CHL S05.00-O
13B Miscellaneous Removal of Ferrite Bead on MCS-8, MCS-I/O, SI8, SI16 & RO8 Boards
13A Miscellaneous Removal of Two Ferrite Beads on MCS-8 and MCS-I/O Rev 1.50 Boards
13 Miscellaneous MCS-8 & MCS-I/O Hardware Revision 1.5 Update
12 Miscellaneous Six Board Class Definitions
11 Miscellaneous Four Board Class Definitions
10 MCS-8 Connecting the MCS-8 to a Building Management System
9 Compressor Hall Screw Compressors
8 Compressor Hitachi Screw Point List and Startup Sequence
7 MCS-MAGNUM MCS-MAGNUM RS485 Network Protocol
6 Miscellaneous Home Load Manager Installation Manual Hardware Revision 1.4 & Highery
5 Miscellaneous OEM Installation Hardware Revision 1.4 & Higher
4 General RS485 Network Installation
3 MCS-8 Installation of Software and Config Chips
2 Miscellaneous Installation of Snubber Capacitors
1 Miscellaneous Relay Output Sequence for Heatcraft Chillers