Micro controller board designed to control up to 6 circuits with 1 compressor each, ten 0-5vdc sensor inputs, six relay outputs fused at 5 amps, four 0-10vdc analog outputs, one TRIAC for digital scroll control, real time clock. MCS-I/O and Two-RS-485 communication ports. Standard with 2 x 16 backlit display and 6 button keypad interface.

Field Reversible Cover

The Cover/LCD/Keypad can be removed from the MicroMag board and plugged into the backside of the MicroMag board for door mount option. Call MCS-SALES for kit option.

Voltage UL Recognized? ROHS Compliant? # of Sensors # of Relays # of Analog Outputs
12VDC Yes Yes 10 6 4


Part Number MicroMag
Description Micromag with standard 2 x 16 backlit display and 6 button keypad interface.
Spec Sheets MicroMag-12 Spec Sheet
Installation MicroMag mounting instructions
Wiring Diagrams MicroMag Electrical Drawing
Documents MCS-MicroMag RTU Manual
MCS-MicroMag Chiller Manual


Part Number MicroMag-12-NEMA4
Description MicroMag with six key Keypad / LCD assembly, sealed NEMA4 enclosure, and mounting panel.
Spec Sheets MicroMag-12-NEMA4 Spec Sheet
Installation MicroMag-12-NEMA4 Mounting Instructions
Wiring Diagrams MicroMag Electrical Drawing
Documents MCS-MicroMag RTU Manual
MCS-MicroMag Chiller Manual


Description The MCS-THERMOSTAT is a temperature and humidity sensing smart device with a backlit LCD display permitting remote adjustments to the MicroMag controller. This user friendly interface allows the viewing of 17 different parameters and has the ability to change 9 adjustable settings including cooling & heating system setpoints, operational schedules, holiday schedules, calibration and password protection.
Spec Sheets MCS-THERMOSTAT Spec Sheet
Wiring Diagrams MCS-THERMOSTAT Wiring Diagram
Documents MCS-THERMOSTAT Installation & Reference Manual


Description The MCS-BMS-GATEWAY is a microprocessor based communication device that provides translation from BACnet MSTP to LonTalk on the MCS-MicroMag.
Spec Sheets MCS-BMS-GATEWAY Spec Sheet
Wiring Diagrams MCS-BMS-GATEWAY Schematic
Documents MCS-BMS-GATEWAY Startup Guide
AppNote 085 - How to setup an MCS-BMS-GATEWAY
BMS Requirements Checklist
Configuration Tools MCS-BMS-GATEWAY Install Tools


Part Number MCS-BMS-GATEWAY-N54 (model without LonTalk)
Description The MCS-BMS-GATEWAY-N54 is a microprocessor based communication device that allows the MCS-Magnum and MicroMag to communicate BACnet IP to BACnet MS/TP, and Johnson N2.
Spec Sheets MCS-BMS-GATEWAY-N54 Spec Sheet
Documents App Note-85-B -Programming a MCS-BMS-GATEWAY-N54
BMS Requirements Checklist
Configuration Tools MCS-BMS-GATEWAY-N54 Install Tools


Part Number MCS-ETHERNET-RS485
Description RS-232 to Ethernet device server with 100-240vac power adapter. Used to allow PC-Connect and MCS-Connect to communicate with MCS micro controllers over Ethernet.
Spec Sheets MCS-ETHERNET-RS485 Spec Sheet


Description The MCS-DS-INTERFACE board is a substitute for the Copeland Scroll Digitalâ„¢ Compressor Controller. The timing specifications are as specified by Copeland. The discharge temperature sensor can be a MCS-T100 temperature sensor or a Copeland discharge temperature sensor (Field selectable). Mounts with four #6 sheet metal screws and comes with a Lexan cover.
Spec Sheets MCS-DS-INTERFACE Spec Sheet
Dimensional Drawings MCS-DS-INTERFACE 3D

Options available for the MCS-DS-INTERFACE expansion board

Part Number Extension Description
MCS-DS-COMM MODBUS or MCS-CONNECT communications interface board. Keyed mounting with nylon bolt to MCS-DS-INTERFACE.
Please Note: Add these extensions to the end of the part number for a MCS-RO10 assembly listed above.