Demonstration Unit

The MCS-MAGNUM master micro controller board with twelve 0-5vdc sensor inputs, four 5vdc digital inputs, ten 230vac 6.3amp relay outputs, four 0-10vdc analog outputs, keypad, 128 x 64 dot pixel STN monochrome graphics LCD with 2.8" diagonal viewing area, real time clock, MCS-I/O, RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet communication ports. Mounted to a backplane and attached to a stand along with a keypad and display. User selectable 115 or 230vac operation.

Voltage UL Recognized? ROHS Compliant? # of Sensors # of Relays # of Analog Outputs
12VDC Yes Yes 16 10 4


Part Number MCS-MAGNUM-DEMO-12
Description MAGNUM-DEMO-12 consists of a Magnum micro-controller mounted to a backplane and attached to a stand-along with a keypad and display.
Spec Sheets MCS-MAGNUM-DEMO-12


Part Number MCS-MAGNUM-TOUCH-15.4-DEMO-12
Description The MCS-TOUCH-15.4-DEMO-12 consists of a Magnum micro controller, MCS-RO-BASE, MCS-RO-EXT, MCS-SI-BASE, MCS-SI-EXT expansion boards and a MCS-TOUCH-15.4. Also installed in the Demo unit is a MCS-EXV DRIVER, MCS-500 Transducer with cable, MCS-THERMOSTAT, MCS-ZONE, MCS-CT300, a MCS-POCKET ROUTER and a MCS-T100.
Spec Sheets MCS-MAGNUM-TOUCH-15.4-DEMO-12