Application Notes

Below is a list of available Application Notes that you can view or download.

App Note Description
APP-134PDF Test MCS-MAGNUM Ethernet Connectivity
APP-133PDF Screw Compressor Stepless Pulsed Slide Control
APP-131PDF Using WinSCP with the MCS-Graphics-Builder
APP-129PDF Changing Linux IP Address
APP-128PDF Replacing the MCS-8 Keypad
APP-127PDF Changing Autostart File
APP-126PDF Setting the Graphics Lock Feature for MCS-Connect on MCS-TOUCH
APP-125PDF Changing IP Address on Magnum
APP-124PDF How to Create and Load CSV Files
APP-123PDF Saving Extended History Files
APP-122PDF Viewing MCS-Connect History Files Offline
APP-121aPDF Installing MicroMag Reversible Cover Version 6.2
APP-121PDF Installing MicroMag Reversible Cover Version 6.1
APP-120PDF Wiring MCS-050-DIFF
APP-119PDF Uninstalling MCS-Connect
APP-118PDF MCS-Connect Alarm Alert Setup
APP-117PDF Wiring the Magnum Keypad-LCD
APP-114PDF MCS-TOUCHSCREEN-Removing Screen Saver
APP-108PDF MCS-TOUCHSCREEN Operating System Update
APP-107PDF McQuay Screw (W/STEP SLIDE)
APP-105PDF MCS-CT Field Modification
APP-104PDF MCS-TOUCHSCREEN Linux Change Startup File
APP-103PDF MCS-TOUCHSCREEN Windows 7 Security Warning Popup Fix
Download Microsoft Windows 7 Fix File
APP-102PDF Hanbell Torque Specifications
APP-101PDF MCS-TOUCHSCREEN Daylight Savings Time Error
APP-100PDF How to fix Java Error on the MCS-Touchscreen
APP-099PDF How To Convert a 0-5Vdc Sensor Input To 0-10Vdc
APP-098PDF How to Convert an Analog Output to a 4-20mA Output
APP-097PDF INT69 HBY Diagnose Wiring and Flash Code Description
APP-095aPDF How to Receive a Configuration File Using MCS-Connect
APP-095bPDF How to Transmit a Configuration File Using MCS-Connect
APP-093PDF MCS-TOUCHSCREEN Errors 7 and 16 Auto Diskcleanup Procedure
Download Auto Disk Cleanup Files Here
APP-092PDF MCS-Cradlepoint Installation
APP-091PDF MCS-Connect Extended History Saving on an MCS-Touch-PC
APP-090PDF MCS-Magnum Unsafe and Low Suction
APP-089PDF MCS-Magnum Firmware Compatibility
APP-087PDF ATPE500 Temperature Sensor Input to MAGNUM
APP-086PDF McQuay Liquid Level Sensor Removal for Hanbell Replacement
APP-085PDF How to setup an MCS-BMS-GATEWAY
APP-084PDF MC QUAY - Guardistor RAM Thermister Wiring
APP-083PDF Carrier 19DG Actuator Wiring to MCS-MAGNUM
APP-082PDF How to set up the Magnum to read High Voltage Current Transformers
APP-081PDF McQuay Chiller Oil Level Sensor Wiring
APP-080PDF How to Replace a HANBELL Screw Compressor Slide Piston
APP-079PDF Connecting MCS-Connect Via Ethernet
APP-078PDF Carrier 19XLXR Actuator Wiring to MCS-MAGNUM REV C
APP-077PDF Compressor Replacement Procedure
APP-076PDF Hanbell RC2 Series Stepless to Step Conversion
APP-075PDF How to Connect to MCS-Connect through a Null Modem Serial Cable
APP-074PDF How to Transmit Firmware Using MCS-Connect
APP-073PDF MCS Boards Legend
APP-072PDF Hanbell RC2 Series Setup to support a Variable Frequency Drive
APP-071PDF ICM450 Phaseloss Monitor Installation
APP-070PDF MCS-TOUCHSCREEN Lock and Unlock Procedure
APP-069PDF Editing the mystartup-bat file
APP-068PDF Hanbell Screw (with Step Slide) Applied to Micro Tech II Controller
APP-067PDF Upgrading MCS-MAGNUM Rev 6.x to 7.1 and Magnum Keypad-Display Rev 4.x to 7.0
APP-066PDF 4-20mA Sensor Connection to MCS-Magnum
APP-065PDF Slide Amp Calculation Adjustments through MCS-Connect
APP-064PDF Magnum Rev 7.xx Hardware with Magnum Keypad - Display Rev 7.xx
APP-063PDF Magnum Controller with Sporlan EXV Control
APP-062PDF Creating a Lontalk CFG file from a V8 MCS-Config CFG file and Downloading it
APP-061PDF Hanbell Jumper Bar Installation
APP-060PDF Downloading a CFG file into a MCS-LONTALK-OEM
APP-059APDF SUCTION SIDE Installing a MCS-T100 Temperature Sensor
APP-057PDF Setting Up an Internet Connection for the MCS-MAGNUM
APP-056PDF MCS-RO8 to MCS-RO10 Migration
APP-055PDF Mounting the latest MCS-Keypad
APP-054PDF Replacing a MCS-RO8 board with an MCS-RO10
APP-053PDF MCS-Bleed Installation
APP-052PDF Carrier 5K Temperature Sensors
APP-051PDF Hanbell Screw (with Step Slide) Applied to McQuay Micro Tech II Controllers
APP-050PDF Hanbell Oil Level Switch Installation RC12~RC18, RC2-170, RC2-200~580, RC2-620
APP-049PDF Setting the Brownout Point for a MCS-MAGNUM
APP-048PDF Connecting with MCS-Connect to a MCS-MAGNUM over Ethernet
APP-047PDF MCS-IB-CAP Installation
APP-046PDF MCS-T300, MCS-T300HT, and MCS-T300LT Temperature Sensor Input to MCS-MAGNUM
APP-045PDF Hanbell Step Capacity Loading
APP-044PDF Hanbell PT1000 Temperature Sensor Input to MAGNUM
APP-043PDF 230vac Control Power and Snubber Networks
APP-042PDF 2007 Daylight Saving Time Change And the MCS-8
APP-041PDF Hanbell Procedure to Change SV Stepless to Step with Mounting Type Normally Open SV
APP-040PDF Hanbell Oil Float Dampers Shield Notes
APP-039PDF Heat Pump V9 Software Notes
APP-038PDF Improving Noise Immunity in MCS-8 Optrex LCD Displays
APP-037PDF Using a Lantronix UDS-10 to Allow PC-Connect to Communicate Over a LAN
APP-036PDF Understanding PPTC Devices And Their Use In Protecting MCS Products
APP-035PDF Modifying Selected MCS Products For Use With Another Operating Voltage
APP-034PDF Software ACDRB Refrigeration Control New Defrost Feature
APP-033PDF MCS-6 HCU Digital Wireless Modem Support
APP-032PDF Troubleshooting Loss of Vaa On MCS-8 & MCS-I/O Boards
APP-031PDF Demo Reciprocating/Screw Panel Panel Swap Instruction Sheet
APP-030PDF Napps Eng Transducer Options
APP-029PDF MCS-8 & MCS-I/O Modifications to make Rev 1.565
APP-028PDF A/D SCR Latch Up
APP-027PDF Snubber Capacitor Testing
APP-026PDF MCS-I/O Network Setup
APP-025PDF Removal of the 1N5817 Diodes
APP-024PDF Hartford Screw Compressor
APP-023PDF EEPROM Write Enable Jumper
APP-022PDF Installation of LCD Insulator
APP-021PDF PC CONN print to a file
APP-020PDF Dunham-Bush 2 Pump Control ACDRB 07.30-A EXV 07.30-A
APP-019PDF MCS-8 Keypad Functions
APP-018PDF FHP's MCS-8 Target Reset
APP-017PDF Chilled Water Reset CHLR05.00-c & -u Screw Control
APP-016PDF Hot Gas Bypass (HGB) CHLS05.00-c & -u Screw Control
APP-015PDF Variable Speed Condenser Fan Logic
APP-014PDF MCS-8 Chiller Software Version CHL S05.00-O
APP-013-BPDF Removal of Ferrite Bead on MCS-8, MCS-I/O, SI8, SI16 & RO8 Boards
APP-013-APDF Removal of Two Ferrite Beads on MCS-8 and MCS-I/O Rev 1.50 Boards
APP-013PDF MCS-8 & MCS-I/O Hardware Revision 1.5 Update
APP-012PDF Six Board Class Definitions
APP-011PDF Four Board Class Definitions
APP-010PDF Connecting the MCS-8 to a Building Management System
APP-009PDF Hall Screw Compressors
APP-008PDF Hitachi Screw Point List and Startup Sequence
APP-007PDF MCS-8 RS232 & RS485 Network Protocol
APP-006PDF Home Load Manager Installation Manual Hardware Revision 1.4 & Higher
APP-005PDF OEM Installation Hardware Revision 1.4 & Higher
APP-004PDF RS485 Network Installation
APP-003PDF Installation of Software and Config Chips
APP-002PDF Installation of Snubber Capacitors
APP-001PDF Relay Output Sequence for Heatcraft Chillers